Information about Houseboats and the Liveaboard lifestyle.

If you’re looking for information about living on a boat or houseboat in the UK then look no further.
This web site aims to help people that are thinking of living on a boat or houseboat, people that have already taken the plunge and anyone wanting to find out more about the lifestyle.

There are many interesting, informative articles on the site for you to read.

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Remarkable Television are looking for people who have plans to build a unique home with a maximum budget of £100,000.

Although largley based on houses they are also keen to hear from people that are planning to build a unique houseboat or liveaboard boat. Here are the details and remember this applies to boats also.

Are you a first time self-builder, an architect with unique ideas about building on a budget, a builder who’s got the know-how, a family who will manage the project but use a builder or will you enlist the help of friends and skilled craftspeople when necessary?
We are keen to follow the challenges of building a home on a limited budget.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, Remarkable Television would like to hear from you. Please get in touch, sending your name, contact number and a brief outline of your project to the following e-mail address house@endemoluk.com
Alternatively you can call us on 03335 777 778