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Have you ever dreamed of leaving your life behind, of moving out of town and starting again with a more easy going job in some idyllic part of the countryside or on the coast? Are you about to renovate or restore a boat or barge into your dream home?  

More and more people are opting to relocate, work from home and/or run their own business.  Many simply want a healthier lifestyle in a quiet corner of the UK where property prices are often cheaper – every year over 100,000 of us are moving from urban to rural districts.  These people agree that having easy access to nature and the countryside provides a good quality of life.  Statistics back them up; rural people tend to live longer and have better health than urban dwellers.  Also many people move to the country to set up a new business – the number of new rural businesses is growing faster than urban businesses.

It’s not always easy, but programmes like Channel Five’s series Build A New Life have shown that if you really want to make it work, you can change your life completely and start again in a new DREAM house, in a new DREAM LOCATION with a new DREAM job.

If you have recently begun your life change or are getting ready to take the plunge the producers of Build a New Life would like to hear from you now. They are looking for people not just planning to exchange cramped city flats for idyllic country cottages but who want to create their own homes to their own designs by renovating or modernising buildings such as old boats and disused barges.  You could also be adjusting to a new life in a new environment, perhaps starting a new job or setting up your own business.

If you do make it onto the show, you’ll be guided every step of the way and provided with seasoned advice and vital moral support as you work towards achieving your new lifestyle. 

Each programme begins with meeting the contributors and learning of their dreams and aspirations for their new home and life.  Some choose to live in a caravan in the garden, while others live in the property they are restoring.  Where possible, the programme will follow them as they finalise designs, hunt down local builders and get their projects underway but it’s once the build gets going that the programme really gets into full swing. It follows progress through to completion as well as watching people juggling their new life-styles, their work and the build.

If you would be interested in appearing on the programme, please contact the producers on 0870 726 8871 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Yacht Liver  - amazing   |01-07-2009 04:12:14
i've been living on a yacht for over 8 years now and i enjoy every minute of it
Yacht Liver  - bought my yacht   |01-07-2009 04:13:06
i just wanted to say that i bought my yacht after browsing this website which
gave me a list of every possible supplier!
Boat Master  - YUP   |01-07-2009 04:13:51
Yachts are great in my opinion
techno68   |09-24-2009 10:07:51
hello im terry marshall
after alot of thought and consideration of where id
like to live i came up with the water lifestyle but i wanted everything i got on
land on the water.
this proved quiet hard to find and the cost i found to be
well out of my reach.so i designed an alternative.
i have a concept island/raft
type design that use's around 90% recycled products, i would like to invite
anyone who has an interest in living on the water to get in touch email me at
plumbatez@yahoo.co.uk perhaps i could help you find just the thing your
looking for and you would be helping the earth by stopping so much recycled
materails ending up in costly,ugly smelly landfill sites. i can create islands
to your design and requirements
on these islands accommadtion units will of
straw bale consrtuction, will have flushing toilets, a garden, and a beach, and
all this for less than the cost a town house, sound good ? im waiting for your
Jessica Smith   |01-04-2010 05:00:14
fantastic post!!

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