“Discover the information you can’t afford NOT to know about living on a boat”

You’re thinking about living on a boat right, but don’t know where to start?

I know what you’re thinking… “How do I find a mooring? Do I have to pay council tax? Is there a lot of maintenance? Is it cold in the winter? What is living on a boat really like?”
These are all questions I and many others in your position asked and the answers are hard to find.

“Now you can discover the answers to your questions in our guide Living On Boats. An Alternative Lifestyle

Don’t make costly mistakes through lack of knowledge. Find out the facts before you embark on your journey.

Subjects covered include :

  • How to find a boat and a mooring… It’s not always as easy as looking in the classified ads, knowing where and how to look could land you a real bargain!

  • Discover what types of boats are suitable for living on… Not all boats are equal, find out which boats are more suitable for living on and why

  • Learn about services like electricity and water and how they are different from a house

  • Heating the boat? What works and what doesn’t, learn the pros and cons

  • Insurance and licenses

  • Making the move aboard… What to expect and how to get organized

  • Safety and security of you and your boat… What moorings are safer and what safety equipment you must have as a bare minimum

Living On Boats, An alternative lifestyle has been written as a general guide for those that are contemplating a life afloat. It gives you all the essential information you need to know about living on a boat in the UK.



Easy to read and very informative 

“My husband and I both found it easy to read and very informative. It is very nicely laid out, with clear photographs and written in plain English. We were particularly interested in the different types of vessel available and we found this section of the book very good. We ended up with a burning desire to own a Dutch barge and have since viewed the many that are for sale on the web.

You also covered the practicalities like toilets, communications, insurance and maintenance; in fact, I can’t think of anything that you missed! We liked the honesty in the fact that you go to great lengths to state that this way of life is not for everyone, however it is a great introduction for anyone contemplating the change and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

We have progressed, since reading this book and decided to buy a Dutch barge and cruise the European Waterways. I am pleased that I ordered your book as the first step in our adventure.

– Sylvia and Sam Sinclair

Hi Martin,

Well I’m now living on a boat and enjoying it most of the time (with the exception of the very bad wind we’ve had recently!) is that comment enough?!

The guide was extremely helpful in my research it was completely honest (good and bad) and helped inform my choice.
I had lots of questions and I went very quickly from knowing nothing to being relatively knowledgeable

– Jo Johnson

Dear Martin,

I did download the ebook with no problems and found it very useful. Certainly it helps you to sort out the type of living afloat you want to do before you begin making terrible mistakes! That is the unique value of your guide.

I think that if you made it any more complex, you would defeat the object which is… clear simplified and sound advice on the realities of living afloat.

Maybe you could add something about the pitfalls of buying abroad as I did (Holland) and the amount of money you will loose going to and fro especially the exchange rate with the euro!



If living on a houseboat or any type of boat appeals to you, you really must read this…

Let me tell you…

When I first decided I wanted to live on a boat good information on the subject was very hard to find. The information I did find was brief and did not answer many of my questions.

I remember dreaming of what it would be like, what type of boat I would buy and where I would moor my new boat.
I could picture it all in my mind, the peace and quite of the River, casting off the mooring ropes at the weekend to enjoy a trip down the River, the freedom to move my home anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted.

Only one thing kept holding me back…


Is this really a lifestyle I would enjoy? I didn’t really know much about it from the information I had found and I wanted to be sure that I was making the right decision. After all, this was a complete change of lifestyle…

This was when my research started and I can tell you it wasn’t easy. I travelled thousands of miles all over the country looking at boats that I thought may be suitable. Sometimes I would look at a boat that the owners still lived aboard so I would quiz them about the lifestyle and pick up some great advice.

Thinking back I really didn’t have a clue… I knew nothing about boats, it wasn’t even my hobby but I did have a strong desire to fulfil my dream of living on one.

The information and advice I got talking to people that were already living MY dream was invaluable, it really gave me a good idea about the lifestyle I was heading for and answered so many of the questions that had been holding me back.

Now you can get this information today to help you decide if a liveaboard lifestyle is for you.

With my new found knowledge I quickly achieved my dream of living on a boat.
Now let me tell you, my first boat was a complete wreak and I made some big mistakes but even so I couldn’t have been happier!
I know better now and would not make the same mistakes again. We all learn by our mistakes and you can now benefit from those lessons learned so you don’t make the same mistakes..

I’ll be honest with you right now….

I’ve seen many people try the lifestyle. Some love it and would never go back to land. Some hate it and wonder why they ever tried at all.

One thing I can tell you right now is if you never try it you’ll never know. Getting the best information is key to making an informed decision and one you can act on.


Interesting and informative 

Yeah, I found it very interesting and informative, and it answered a lot of the region-specific questions I would have had about houseboats in England.

I’m an Irish houseboat designer living in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a houseboat company in Malmö, Sweden, so it was good to compare jurisdictions and the corresponding procedures involved.
I’ve done a lot of research into floating villages around the World, and could draw a lot of paralells to your research also…

The sections that I could strongly identify with were moorings, finance and purchasing, as well as taxation, lisencing, insurance, communications and maintenence.
I think you clearly identified the various key issues that can sometimes be lost in the buyer’s exuberance, and you provided a concrete pathway through the minefield for the buyer.

– Dave O’Byrne
OO’K Aquatic Structures

The guide answered many questions in a straight forward approach. We are at the early stages of this whole project so I intend to come back and reread it all further down the line. The key thing is that it did not put me off the idea at all, despite its hard hitting approach to the downside of life afloat.

– Guru Kaur

Yes Martin, I did find Living on Boats very helpful and informative. I liked all of the sections. It answered most of my questions. It covered most of the areas I wanted to know. The guide was delivered quickly. All I have to do is to buy a boat, the mooring I have.

– Victor Spink

Still unsure if the liveaboard lifestyle is for you?
We pose some questions to help you know your motivation for this lifestyle change.

Make sure your dream becomes a reality by getting the facts first in ‘Living On Boats. An Alternative Lifestyle’.

Bonus Download
As an extra bonus you can also download the following extra information:

Moorings Prices 2006/2007 from the British Waterways.

This additional PDF gives you:

  • Mooring sites… on Rivers and Canals throughout the UK
  • Mooring type… including residential
  • The cost of moorings for 2006/2007
  • Also gives advise on finding long term moorings and mooring guidance for continuous cruising.

Available to download with your copy of ‘Living On Boats. An Alternative Lifestyle’


Purchase from the Shop 

This is an EBOOK (Electronic Book), we do not provide printed or bound copies

The guide is approx 500KB in size and you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or greater to read the guide.


I think it’s terrific 

Hi Martin,

Yes, I did get the printable version of the guide and REALLY appreciated it. In response to your questions about what I think of the guide, well, I think it’s terrific. After reading it and doing more research, I finally went out to meet with a real estate broker (estate agent in the UK, right?) and I felt SO much more confident having read your guide when I spoke with the broker.

Even though your guide is written about living on a boat in the UK, it is absolutely helpful even though I live in the NYC area. Even though I read about living situations that don’t apply to me at all here in NY having read about them has expanded my imagination and general knowledge about what living on a boat — any kind of boat — might be like. That’s incredibly helpful because no matter on what kind of boat you might live it is a very different way of life.

– Deborah Decker

Yes the book was informative and provided us with the answers we were looking for. it seems in life that it is difficult to find a short book that covers the basis of a topic. living on boats is that short book that covers the main aspects and has made me make a decision not to live on boats as i realized that it was not for me. If it was not for the book i might have made a decision i would have regretted later.

Sebastien Smiltneek


Really enjoyed the book. I wish I had read it a year ago it could have saved me so much hassle. Really like the practical descriptions about the ins and outs of living on a boat.
Would recommend it as a read to anyone thinking about living on a boat as it deals with many of the issues they would face.

Mark Hammersley